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hope it's a sunny Sunday

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Looks more hopeful of a better day today,,, never went out yesterday, each time we thought it was stopping, boom down it came, annoying thing is I didn't even get far with my crafting, one of those days I guess.


I'm now sat in craft room, sky pale grey instead of the dark of yesterday and I'm watching the craft programmes, its card making now using die cuts, seems to be the "thing" I don't make enough to justify one of those, but next its the quilting programme which hopefully will be interesting, not that I'll make another quilt for a while although I enjoy patchwork, I have been thinking of making a patchwork travel bag using furnishing fabric, I'm on the look out for samples, near here we have a place called Scrap, it's just what the name say, companies donate unwanted scrap and it's sold to 'members' to raise funds for their real purpose which is they run childrens workshops in crafting, you see children coming out happy with all kinds of weird and wonderful creations...drifted a bit there on what I was going to say, they often have furnishing fabric sample book for a few pounds, I keep looking but as yet not seen what I want, a lovely one the other week but white background, not really suitable for a travel bag, I have this idea of sections inside to hold toiletries, hairdryer, oh yes crafts (biggest section)...


Think I may pick up my stash busting crochet scarf and do a few rows, did manage a few rows of the rainbow knit yesterday, thinking I may pop downstairs and bring that up here, wonder if I'd get on with it better in here, ''''ping''' good idea....worth a try......watch this space ladies, I may post a picture of it soon.


happy crafting......hope the day stays dry for all you are doing.

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Brought the rainbow knit up, about to pick up the needles....I'm in 2 minds, stash ut away for a later date or get stuck in and finish it, the latter sounds best or I'll forget what I'm doing as working without a pattern.






post-146832-0-53591100-1402209828_thumb.jpg brooch that I made yesterday from what was going to be an arty embroidered picture, note the stone effect on the leaf.....it was going to be a dry stone wall....

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They are lovely Eliza.


It's bright n sunny here. Thinking of a barbecue later.....nice to make the most of the weather while we can. :)


Other than that it's knitting and maybe some crochet for me today. Perfect. :)


Have a lovely Sunday.


Be Back Later. x

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Eliza love your makes & I think it will be a huge craft bag to carry all your supplies ;)

Hello Goose and Tracey too - hope you get plenty of crafting done today!


I'm playing mum's taxi today as Ellie has a birthday party to attend.  Weather is still iffy here so hope it brightens as there's supposed to be a bouncy castle.


Kittens are haring around right now.  They're like children, into everything :lol:  I've finished off a small blanket this morning I'd grown bored of making and its now going to be a kitty blanket.  Still crocheting the scraps one too which is looking lovely.


Right best go and investigate - its gone quiet :huh: :ph34r: :lol:

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afternoon all the weather here is lovely today, I have visited my friend for coffee this morning

now settled for a browse on here and some crafting, I am contemplating opening some wine

as now at home for the day and its already cooled in fridge :lol: :lol: any excuse

I might go back to felting machine as hubby has it all un jammed , I made a proper mess last night

oh the mind is full of makes but housework keeps reminding me it needs done :(

washing machine on again just now so I feel as though I am doing laundry whilst I browse ;)

hope you all enjoy your day , I will try to BBL

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