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Your favourite project from the July issue is...

July issue makes   

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  1. 1. Your favourite project from the July issue is...

    • Hedgehog softie
    • Vintage fairground cards
    • Quilled clowns
    • Nautical gift set

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Hello everyone!


The sun's out, ice cream vans are jingling in the distance, and we're in the office thinking of our future Christmas editions. It's a funny old world, but we're quite bashful to admit that we're all loving it! 


back to summer, and I'm very chuffed with how this July issue's turned out. We have some fabulous makes and some clowns (I'm quite scared of these comical fellows in general, but we don't go into that. They're less scary when they're quilled.)


I'd much rather hear about what's caught your fancy, though! 


If your fave project isn't listed, then comment below. 


Love, Jec x

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Dolly pegs...I came across a box full of dolly pegs...I remember years ago I made clowns and used wool and bright fabric...they sit over a Christmas tree branch very well.....i am hoping to start a new craft group nearby in a few weeks time and will introduce those as a possibility of interest, along with my greeting card ideas of course' I also painted wooden spoons....always were a winner at craft fairs when I was younger.....not sure about painted porcelain though for sheltered housing tenants (I used to sell those at craft fairs too)paintd porcelain, not the tenants!!....patchwork...sticking to hexagons initially (pin cushions) etc. decorating candle.....knitting, crotchet and drawing.....anyone can draw with a few tips and hints.....cross stich.....depends how nuimble fingers are....made rag dolls in the past...but now am digging out materials to be used when we start as introduction to various crafts...don't think I will get into papier mache as could be too messy, but can make pencil holders etc. etc. and the ideas flow...all ideas will help.....and any odds and sods t get them started,,,,remember they will all be over 60 years of age......no idea how many will come initially, but hope it ill continue and grow.....my own health should be well back on track in a few weeks, so it will be all systems go with my notices through doors etc and talking to people and neighbours about it.

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