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Melissa Hyland

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Hello everyone,


Do you have a question about selling your jewellery? Whether you're just starting out or looking to boost your sales, our team of experts is here to help! Email your questions to melissa@aceville.com and you may find an answer in a future issue of Make & Sell Jewellery.


Best wishes,


Melissa Hyland

Deputy Editor

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Im new to this forum but I'm pleased I have stumbled upon it! I have my own web site where I sell my jewellery but I'm not getting the sales, I'm trying to boast them from using twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc but nothing solid.


I get plenty of complements about my jewellery but nothing. I have had a handful of sales but nothing for the past month.


I feel a bit disheartened but love what I do! Any advice would be greatly received!


Thank you in advance





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I spent ages choosing a name that I thought was really original but now I have realised that it is in use. I haven't been running for very long, just selling at stalls and on my Facebook page, so should I change the name? How important is it to have a truely individual name?



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