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So very sad

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I am so very sorry for your loss and just can't imagine how you must be feeling right now xxx  I have been with my Man the same amount of time and it chokes me to even begin to imagine what you are going through xxx  I am sure you will have loads of happy memories and lots of mixed emotions, but it sounds like you have such wonderful friends to support you.  I think it is wonderful that you managed to have a secret intimate wedding and the registry office helped as fast as they could.  Your wedding ring is beautiful and will always remind you of your wonderful time together x  He will always be in your heart and I will be thinking of you, you family and friends at such a difficult time.  I really wish I could give you a massive (((((HUGS))))) in person as one over the internet doesn't seem enough.  Sending you much love xxx

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Thank you so much for all your support. And, yes, we might only have been married 3 weeks, but my ring does symbolise all the years and all the happy memories. Just hoping all the happy memories come back soon, they're rather overshadowed at the moment.


I had to register his death today - a very sad time, but it was the same lovely registrar who married us, She remembered us as soon as I said his name over the phone, and she was so kind. She made it as easy as possible for me. (eg looking up as many of the details as poss from the marriage forms so I didn't have to go thro all the questions again). And she's going to send me a copy of what she read out when we got married, because I thought it was beautiful but couldn't remember much of it.


bc x

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