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Does anyone have any general tips on how to run good craft workshops?


Myself and other crafters have just started running new craft workshops and parties by the sea, on Gower, South Wales and people seem to be having fun!


But we would like to know if anyone has any tips and suggestions, on how to make them even better?


Could people please tell us, what makes a craft workshop, great? And if there are any pitfalls to watch out for?

Also any tips re: insurance, health and safety and risk assessments would be good too.


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ALWAYS write your sessions out, it may be tedious but you can keep them and use them over and over with variations.

Try writing three sessions, 1 for the fast ones, 1 for the medium (normal) and 1 for the very slow, then you can say that the fast one is good for experienced people the medium is great for everyone and the slow one is good for the beginners. TIME YOUR SESSIONS


Timing is everything, I used to teach adults and I always say practice so that you get the timing right!!


 Its all very well people working to their own speed but the quicker ones will get bored!!  

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