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Swore I wouldn't, and I shouldn't have, but I did!

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Found these balls of that holey-sort of wool that drives me daft,

but it was in a Charity shop and only £4!!


Searched web for patterns, but only found scarves.


Here it is in GARTER - both sides frilly and would hang straight..

Tried it also in STOCKING - reverse looks like pelt, but naturally it curls under.


Don't really want to make another scarf.


Thought I might try a simple shrug, or a kiddie one in STOCKING.


Any thoughts or experiences to offer??





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Looks very soft and warm, could almost make a muff for the hands on a cold day......but not very practical I suppose....a scarf is probably the main use with it....or....? a fancy top for a hand knitted plain wool bag......needs more thinking time....

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