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How is Everyone?

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Just wondering how folks are? What are you all up to?

I've started writing again and I'm really enjoying it. Have even bought a book about writing. I've been making quite a lot of paper crafting items too and entering challenges left right and centre including PaperCrafter on Facebook. Hope to see some familiar names entering... 

Having a bit of a break from everything soon as my lovely partner is getting time off work, so we're planning to have some fun, i.e. cycling, cinema, etc. Also need to sort out the garden and try to encourage Jake to venture outside more, as he's still nervous and we think he would appreciate the company.

Have a good weekend all,




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Hi, Debbie!


Re, writing - I just won another wee trophy for a short story at the AGM of the Scottish Association of Writers - it's like Swanwick, but smaller and Scottish!


I find I can't craft when I've got my writing head on , and vice versa!!


I took my name off Facebook and Twitter when DD's stalker contacted me - screeeeeech!

when I get my breath back I'll have a go again!


Hope you all have a lovely Easter break -and lots of smashing weather!!

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I'm mostly just popping meds as I've put my back out again.  I haven't managed any art but I'm getting some work done on my photo book - I have just over a month till the voucher expires and lots still to do.  It's looking good though!  I'm filling it with my art and arty photos.  Can't wait to see the finished piece. :)


My partner will be visiting me some time over the long weekend, so fingers crossed we get some lovely weather. 

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Well done, both Debbie and MT for the writing. Mine has stalled completely at the moment due to the house move and generally feeling overwhelmed by life, although I have entered two short story competitions in the last month (I have no hope of winning, but at least I entered). Only a month or so to go now before I need to start writing my dissertation, so I had better sort myself out!


Debbie, sounds like your papercrafting is going really well too. It will be great to hear how you get on with all of the challenges.

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