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Frist day of the first meeting of a new Craft group at the Church today...only a handful ofpeople but we knitted and nattered and commented on various crafts.I took along some of my card making bits and pieces and it seemed to draw attention....one lady who came in, I have never met before, but she seemed quite taken with my (tea bag folding) and my folder showing types of card I have made in the past. She even took photos, so hope she inspires more people to come along...Must say I left after 2 hours(that was half way through) as was so exhausted...just the medication I am on, but enjoyed the morning and hopefully the interest will grow with more folk going along in the future...Had to think carefully about the bits to take for a few cards as obviously can't take everything, so concentrated on papers I had pre cut at home, double sided tape and some tea bag folding....plus a few brads and peel offs and voila, instant cards......another lady had worked over the years on a family tree on fine X sitch....absolutely a work of art and beautifully done.....so great to see what others are doing...yes a good group will come out of todays start I feel.....

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