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Great Buy Candle Making Kit

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Hi, everyone. Thought I would share a recent purchase with everyone. I purchased a candle making kit from a seller on ebay and it was such a bargain, I've been raving about it to everyone. You get everything you need in the kit to get started (apart from your container) as well as a full instruction guide. I also got a 10% off code for another purchase if you order through their website. I've just been on and had a look and their wax bundles are cheaper on the website so it's win win!! Whoooo. I really enjoyed having a go and it's not that difficult, i'm now thinking of making candles for mother day, one for my mum and one for the mother in law lol. Their ebay username and website address are the same so they are easy to find. Just search for 2hot2candle.



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