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"Dance of the 7 veils" lace knitting challenge

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I've just discovered the beauty of lace knitting and have set myself a new challenge. In my family I have seven amazing ladies, all different in character all unique... so for Christmas I'm going to knit them all a different scarf.

All different colours all different designs.


I am sourcing all my patterns as freebies off the internet, (so I don't think I'm breaking any rules :)) -  and I am doing  a trial beforehand, and I thought it might be nice to share with you what I have found and also ask for help at the same time. see if any like minded ladies out there have anything I could use


the first one has been started this week, I have chosen DK Special by style craft shade 1062 Teal. it's cost me £1.99 per 100g ball , I've bought 2 ... mmm a £4 scarf???


A simple design 4 rows repeated till you've had enough.


"Dimple Shale Lace"


 4mm needles cast on 53

1. * K2 - P2 - K2TOG tbl - [K1 yfwd x6] - K1 K2TOG P2 * Rpt till last 2 K2


2. k1 p1 * k2 - p15  - K2 - P2 * Last 21 sts = K2 P15 K2 P1 K1


3. * K2 P2 - K3TOGtbl - K9 -  K3TOG - P2 * Last 2 sts K2


4. K1 P1 * K2 P11 K2 P2 * Last 17sts K2 P11 K2 P1 K1


For such a fairly cheap wool the stitch definition is really nice and I'm really enjoying this one, that's why I decided to share it.

the first row after casting on all my stitches were done by knitting through the back so to keep the piece neat, I accidentally created a rather sweet scalloped edge in the process - but I am not sure how to get the same effect casting off :(


if I get any takers on this thread - i'll post my next scarf in a week or two. :wub:

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