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At Last, Some Wonderful News

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As most of you know, 2013 was a tough year for me - first losing my brother to cancer, and then I had two miscarriages, one in February and one in September.


Well, at last we have some fabulous news. I have just come back from our 12 weeks scan and we have a healthy baby on the way. I have been so frightened since I found out I was pregnant, just waiting to miscarry again. You can imagine the relief when we saw baby today, kicking its little legs and looking just fine. 


One of the reasons I haven't been online much is I have been so exhausted and nauseous. Christmas was incredibly unpleasant because I felt so sick the whole time I couldn't even join the family for Christmas dinner. But at least feeling that bad, I knew that everything was going well.


I still feel very, very tired but the nausea is tapering off a little bit at last. I am busting out of my size 12 jeans, but then the scan said that already baby is bigger than it should be, so it looks like I am going to be enormous again. She/he is due in August.

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