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'Next' Thursday!

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Just a quick one as been to the shops (can you guess which one? ;) ) to pick up some T-shirts I ordered.  They're such a bargain in there at the mo' if you need to buy in bulk - deals for 2 or 3 of a kind.


We have sun here at last after a truly miserable start, then I think we manage to keep hold of it until sunset - then the rain comes back.  At least it will clean my car! :D


Have a lovely afternoon! :)

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Spent the day with DIL and Miracle Beads. We got a lot sorted.


Although a bit of a nip in the air it's not been a bad day and the sun has actually popped out to say hello.


It's knitty club tonight where I'll continue making  baby hats on my loom.


Hows your hand (wrist) today K&F hope its a bit better today.


have a great afternoon everyone


Take care

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very quiet on here hope you are all doing something nice, I am ashamed to tell you what I did

WELL ok I will tell you )) this morning around 9am after my little granddaughter was off to school

I went for my usual shower but I lay on the top of my bed in my dressing gown to reflect on my plans for the day ahead and then the phone woke me and it was 1.30 pm, I had slept soundly

and of course all my plans to continue clearing and sorting craft stash went out the window

SO... I went to a friend for coffee stayed 3hours chatting and got a carry out for evening meal

a productive day GONE before my eyes :lol:..hope wrist is better K&F

and bet your pleased to have all those beads sorted goose, enjoy knitty club

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