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Lovely crafters, I'd love to hear from you!

If you could design a card to reflect your style, what would it be like? Tell us about which colours, patterns, motifs and materials you would use!


I love green and would make mine quite understated with natural embellishments and earthy colours. I would like to include a patterned ribbon too, to add another dimension!


Let me know :)


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I'm not sure either...


Hmm...probably a new fold/cut that I haven't tried out before (I like to try out new styles of cards). I like to matt and layer cards with different textures and colours but my favourite colours are blues, purples and pinks. So probably a more pastel vibe than a vibrant colour.I like 3D embellishments, so whether it's paper flowers built up or decoupaging, this would most likely be included. Oh and of course a nice piece of ribbon to tie it all in together (pun intended ;) )


Ooo...I want to play with my craft stuff now and I can't as I have to study this week :(

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What an interesting question. I think I can recognise other people's styles, but not my own, I've been thinking about it, and came up with what I don't do, which is cute, primary colours, colouring in.


So what's left? masses of die cuts (am probably welded to my cuttlebug), muted, secondary colours, and usually a very limited range on each card. I use a lot more plain card than patterned paper (doesn't stop me buying it though), and I love the construction element, so I like fancy folds. 


never realised I had a style


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