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My name's Alice and I'm a campaigner with the charity Age UK. I'm very new to the craft scene (and to this forum) but I thought I'd mention Age UK's latest campaign, Spread the Warmth, because it involves... knitting!


You may have seen the recent figures that 24,000 older people could die from the cold this winter. But basically it doesn't have to be this way: with proper insulation nearly all homes could be made much warmer, and many deaths could be prevented.


This is why Age UK is calling on the Government to invest in making millions of homes much more energy efficient using the money it is already receiving in carbon taxes. This would be enough to pay for energy efficiency measures in at least 9 million homes over the next 15 years.


As part of our campaign, we're inviting people to knit a square with a house on it and the message: 'Warm homes now', and send it to their local MP. We've produced a leaflet with instructions and an easy-to-follow knitting pattern.There's more information here on our website.

Anyway do let me know what you think!






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Hi Alice and welcome to the forum.


Such a good idea. Hopefully the MP's will get the squares sewn together into blankets and send them back to Age UK for distribution to the needy.


Good luck

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A lovely idea Alice...you may even get a lot of pensioners (like myself) joining in the knitting for their less acrive counterparts.....good luck with the project.....

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