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beverley j


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Hi Beverly and welcome to the forum, if you scroll down the page you will find a separate section for knitting, there are lots of experienced knitter that can give you advise.

I would count my stitches each row to start off with till you become more confident, you can then rectify any mistakes without having to undo your work. A crochet hook is useful for picking up dropped stitches. I have been knitting for about fifty five years and I still drop stitches now and then. Enjoy yor knitting and remember practice makes perfect.

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hellooooooo and a big welcome to you.


I too have been knitting for over 40years and still manage occasionally to drop the odd stitch usually while I'm knitting and watching TV and then don't realized till rows later.  I too use the old crochet hook to pick up the dropped stitch rather than undo all the rows.


I try to have quick glance after every purl row to make sure I've not dropped any.

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Hiya Beverley!!


Welcome to the Forum!

I'm from Scotland.


yup= keep counting those stitches -

but when you are knitting a lacy pattern rows can have different numbers sometimes.


Looking forward to seeing your little knitty bits around!

Hope you enjoy the free downloads -

the LK and LGC site have knitting patterns too!

Hope you and find our makes inspiring too!


And our Moderators are magic should your need any help!

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