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introduction and knitting question.

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:PHappy New Year to all you knits!!!!!!!


My name is Eileen and I am 57, 58 in March.  Have gone back to knitting after a long absence due to not being able to work full time as got a pretty nasty terminal illness (not cancer)!!! 


Pretty sure I used to knit loosely as everything turned out bigger than it should but now I think I have tightened up.  I am left handed as well but not sure if that makes a difference.  I am not keen on tension squares as I don't understand them either and despite doing them I cant make out how to do or understand them.  I want to knit some gloves in double knitting and I have quite large hands so wish to make them a bit bigger do I go up a needle size or down.


looking forward to meeting lots of knitters and friends on this site.  I live in Birmingham (Sandwell) West Midlands so need local friends, groups if anyone has any they can tell me about?


The gloves will be a first attempt so I am happy to make mistakes and learn from them and keep knitting them till I get it right. Also, what is worsted wool US term??


Happy New Year!!!








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Hi Eileen and welcome to the forum.


A tension square is knitted so you can check how many sts you knit in 10 cms (4 inches) and how many rows .  You just cast on  say 30 sts using 4mm needles and knit say 40 rows -you can thin measure a 10 x 10 cms square with pins then count sts and rows.


Too many sts and item turns out bigger too few and its too small.


Worsted weight yarn is the equivalent to DK.


If you want your gloves to be bigger you could go up a needle size (thicker needles) or perhaps follow a pattern for men's gloves as their hands are bigger.


If there is anything else I can help with let me know

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Sue I agree with you. If you are doing a tension square then smaller needles should be used.


As Eileen doesn't use tension squares and her tension seems to be ok now I just thought using a larger size needle to a DK pattern would give bigger sized gloves - do you agree?

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