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eyelet tools and setters

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hey all,


I would like an eyelet kit for Christmas from my better half, but I don't know which one to suggest to him. he's looked at a. few and he is bamboozled!


I sent him a link to the woodware kit, but with me being disabled he doesn't think I will be able to push the tool through thick medium.


He looked at the crocodile one, but there's a new and old version for sale with a significant price difference, he doesnt know which one I should get and neither do I?


Any advice and suggestions and reviews on the different types available would be gratefully accepted.


I look forward to your replies?


Could do with some quickie answers though so that he has time to order the chosen one in time :-)


thank you in advance,



Beo x

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Is there a craft shop nearby where you could try the woodware style tool.  I don't know how disabled you are but you may need the type where you need a hammer something like http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Making-Memories-Tool-Kit-Green-/321144020645?pt=UK_Crafts_Other_Crafts_EH&hash=item4ac5acdea5


I have the silent eye setter 

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hey there, thank you for your replies. I have severe muscle weakness and sometimes cannot even lift my arms, never mind craft heheh.


Si said he will buy the crop-a-dile big bite II for my birthday in January. :-)

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