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Thank you for your kind comments, they are mitred squares Linda you do as many squares as you want for the width and then pick up stitches between for each subsequent row. They are really easy as you cast on how ever many stitches you want plus three. If you had 43sts you would knit 20, s1 k2 tog psso knit to end. Next row is knit, then 3rd row k19 s1 k2tog psso k to end, you carry on this way till you have 3sts left and k them tog. For the second level of squares pick up 21sts along slope of a square and 22sts from the opposite slope of another square. K1 row and start decreasing again at the centre of alternate rows. I designed a baby cardi this way and make it different sizes by using different plys of yarn. I'm useless as describing pattern shapes so I hope you can decipher my ramblings.

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