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Selling unwanted Craft Items!

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Yes, I have a large amount of craft items I no longer need and would like to sell them. The items range from tools and equipment to embelishments.


The trouble is I'm not sure of where to sell them, other than ebay. I don't really want to use that at the moment as I had trouble with my Paypal account, someone hacked into it and tried to use my details to order from an American based  accessories website. I only found this out when bank phoned me and later Paypal told me that it was my account with them that had been hacked into.


So I would like to know if anyone has any other ideas as to where I can sell them. I do remember reading in a magazine about a specislist craft auction site, where crafters csan sell allsorts of craft things, but I can't rembember it's name, all I know is that it was being run by a husband and wife team, n ot a lot of help I know.


If anyone has any suggestions then please let me know.


Many thanks.




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on dear I just put a pile of candle jars to the recycling as id collected too many

I am busy sorting out craft stash , and I do wish I had known , it was only due to lack of space

if you are unable to get then get back to me and I will ask around

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