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Which new gadget to invest in next.

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Hi All


I am thinking of asking for a new gadget for Christmas,I can invest in but I don't know what. So I would like some ideas, please.


I already own the Cuttlebug and am often buying new dies for it and love it, so I don't really need a second die cutting/ embossing machine. I also own the Crafters Companion Ultimate Pro and have got various boards to go with it.


The criteria  for the purchase is:


  • that it is under £100 pounds (that includes any bundle deals for the gadget) and can be easily stored.


  • It needs to be able to purchased form either Amazon or Hbbycraft for the people buying it are not crafters and don't have accounts on craft sites. Though I could buy it and they give me the money, but that's not the same as someone buying for you, this is how I got my cuttlebug.

The only gadget I know that I am definitely not interested is the Melting Pot one, it's been on Craft over the last few months.


I am open to arrange of suggestions covefing a range of prices, £0! to £80.


I look forwar to your suggestions and many thanks in advance for all your suggestions.





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