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Had a go at the freebie in the January CB mag.....paper flowers....they came out well,but still have some to do...I used quite a bit of hot glue to put petals and wire  where I wanted,but think they should come out well.....yes.....I know....another darned diversion from my final Christmas card making.. Not very blinkered...oh, dear hubby is so depressed thse days...he has sat in living room all morning and all aternoon just staring into space.....nothing I can say or do brings him out of it....he usually listens to his music...I know he worries about MY health issues, but for goodness sake dooooooo    something......I see the respiratory specialist on tuesday, but no use worrying about it...I have a 4D recipe.....if you have a problem, face it head on and  Deal with it. Dismiss it,  don't Dwell on it, or it will Destroy you. such is Life...want to make some mince pies later.

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