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crafty nannie

needles red hot

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I am currently knitting more carol singers for my mouse choir

and just started jack frost today

have posted my hottie cover on finished objects this evening

and continuing with my 4th crochet blanket

why do we not finish one project at a time

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I think we are like magpies and like shiny new WIP's :lol:  I too have this problem!  This year the only thing I will be giving handmade (unless I slip up on this!) is for my Secret Santa gift.  I keep thinking "Oh so and so would love that," but strictly tell myself I won't have time!  I desperately need to hook up some more Nativity pieces :ph34r:


Well done though on all you've achieved :P

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Our interests are in everything

So variety does tend to bring

a restlessness we find and so

have lots of things are...."on the go"

I tire of knitting, then require

To sit and sew, that's my desire

then maybe I go, look, then find

in the shops....a different kind

of bead or colour, what to do

I purchase that and so would you.

So we stock up on this and that

Alladins cave is where we're at.

So now, today, what did I do

Instead of crafting (talk to you)

So on that point I will away

to crafts...I'll talk another day.




Bye for now Mary

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