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Amy Adams

Let's Knit Design Your Own Cushion Challenge - Closing Date 25th January

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I've just finished my second one will take some photo's tomorrow and I've 2 more designs now on my drawing board. :) I'm wondering if I'll have time to make them as well.


Just a quick question my first cushion the hearts one is a larger cushion but I notice the link says 30cm by 30cm which is what I've made for my second one and it seems a wee bit small.


Do we have to keep to the 30cm by 30cm or can our cushions be larger?

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My latest cushion design as promised.


The two colours of yarn were my inspiration but I didn't want to do anything too Fair Isle in design or plain blocks of colour.


After some thought I decided on cables and blocks of the two colours.  I also didn't want to do loads and loads of sewing pieces together so I knitted it in one long piece. Then folded and sewed the two side seams.








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Hi everyone - these all look fantastic so far!


The 30cm x 30cm rule is not too rigid, just as long as they are a standard-sized, square cushion.


Keep the designs coming - I will be making a gallery on Facebook later today, make sure you check it out!

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