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Wicked Weather Wednesday

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Morning all :D


Well its not exactly wicked but more wet but I liked wicked in a title more :lol:  Very fine drizzle here today...


Anyhow I have Alex poorly.  Poor lamb woke up complaining of tummy ache and was sick at breakfast.  Thankfully she'd only nibbled her toast so she should recover quicker (hopefully!)  We were going on a play date to a play barn too.  Hopefully my friend got my message although she was meeting another mum there too so won't be all Billy No Mates.


Just posted some pics of my recent makes plus a pic of my Autumn challenge prize in the appreciation thread.


Won't be going far today with Alex sick but there's plenty to keep my busy at home.  She's currently cuddled up besides me.


Hope everyone had either a quiet bonfire night or a lively one depending on what you wanted ;)  We forgot to do the sparklers so will do them tonight all being well.


Speak later x

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Morning Su2ie and everyone else. Hope Alex gets better soon. I think this time of year there's lots of nasty bugs going around.


Dull and grey but no rain . Just watching a patchwork show on tv while I have a cuppa.  Like Su2ie I have a few bits and pieces to do .


Fireworks weren't too bad last night.  Mainly in the distant sky and only 1 family in our street set some off.


Off to have a look around.


Have a good day ladies.


Take care

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Morning ladies.

Hope Alex feels better su2ie.

The fireworks were very loud here last night goose.


Imogen and Abi tag teamed us last night so I am tired, Imogen has been out for the count in the pushchair since we got back from the school run. No plans to go anywhere today the weather is horrible.

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Good morning all, poor Alex I hope she is feeling better, I have neuralgia on the left side of my face, but have just taken some annadin so it should go away soon.  My sister is taking me food shopping later as John is waiting for a very important parcel he has to sign for.


When I get back the afternoon is mine, it is raining so I'll be in the conservatory for the best light and do a bit of painting.


Keep warm and enjoy your day ladies.  Talk later.

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Afternoon :)


Thankfully Alex hasn't been sick again but its going in the other direction now :wacko: I let her have a few crackers too as she was complaining she was hungry and she's kept them down.  Done a bit of writing whilst she's been lying on the sofa.  This book is now just over a whopping 248,000 words!!!!


Must go and sort the washing out in a moment though.  Not heard back from my friend about missing the playdate so hope she got the message...


Goose which channel is the patchwork on??

Dana you should have gone to bed too if she's asleep!

Linda I do feel for you - neuralgia is awful.  Hope it eases soon x


Right better get on!  Only an hour left at home before I have to go out for Ellie.  Have to get there early due to lack of parking spaces...

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Hello, work-at-home shift all done and now deciding what to do for the rest of the day.  OH is at the dentist, possibly having a large tooth out - I hope he doesn't suffer too much with it.  It's very dark here and has been mizzling all day - not enough for proper rain, but definitely more than mist!  I quite fancy a walk, so might dig out some waterproofs and brave the wet.


Su2ie, hope Alex feels better soon.  I howled with laughter at your poodle reference - I shall never live that down! :lol:

Goose, enjoy the patchwork.

Dana, hope that means you've got lots of crafty time!

Stakreem, hope you're feeling better too and enjoying crafting in the conservatory.


Have a good afternoon folks. :)

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