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Wicked Weather Wednesday

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Brrr it's sooooo cold I have had to put the heating on. Normally It's usually goes on between 5 and 6 o clock but come 3 I gave in. Now it's nice and cosy.


Just got bands to do on current baby cardie so I might get another started later.


Dana hope you managed to get some rest this afternoon 


Linda how's the neuralgia - has it eased a bit.Did you get some painting done?


Su2ie the patchwork was on the craft channel  Freeview 36 (not sure if it's the same over there). Well done on the writing.


K&F did you manage to get out for a walk.


Hope everyone is warm and you all have a lovely evening

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Evening :)


Thanks for all the well wishes for Alex.  She's perky enough now but has a sore bottom poor thing!  I even managed to do another 2 log cabin squares just after lunch and another crochet square waiting at the school :D


K&F poor DH!  Hope his mouth isn't too sore.  And you know sometimes certain images stick in your mind?  Well your poodle is one of them :lol: She was sweet though :D


Goose I'm wallowing in the fact with DF at work today then I can keep the heating off.  Once he's home though the place will be back in meltdown mode :huh: I'm sitting here in a short sleeved shirt and the girls are warm enough too.


Oh yes and loads of heavy mizzle for us today :P


Speak later x

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Still shattered, just giving Imogen a feed before she goes to bed then I need to make some more puree for the freezer.


Su2ie I'm glad Alex is feeling brighter.


Goose it has been freezing here as well the heating has been on as well.

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