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Frantic Friday

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Morning, it is persisting it down this morning after a beautiful day yesterday. I have so many things to do today as I am off to Jersey again tomorrow for a few days, I just hope it is milder there.

Suzie even the thought of spiders makes me recoil I hate them, even spider solitaire freaks me out after see the false widely one on the TV. You must be brave to tackle them.


I'm off to buy some bits of warm clothing if I can find anything I like, I need a new winter coat but everything seem so dull and I want a coat that will cheer me up not make me depressed lol.

Have a good day.

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Morning from a very wet and windy Newcastle.  I'm staying put today although it is supposed to improve as the day goes on.


A little bit HW then it's a date with the hook and I'll be doing some more of my blanket.


Suzy if you can't find a bright enough coat you will have to make a lovely bright scarf to cheer it up  :)  Enjoy Jersey.


Have a good day ladies


Take care

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Frantic describes my start of the day perfectly. Imi has a cold and been up a lot the last couple of nights so we overslept today made it to school on time though. Cuddles and finishing Abi's scarf are on the cards today.


Hope you find a coat you like Suzy.

Enjoy your crochet goose.

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Morning :)


Yay I finished the 11th hour hat and put a pic on the comp :D  Thanks for the ideas for no sew ornaments Linda - have you seen the cathedral window ornaments on pinterest?  They're fab :P


I was going to pop to town this morning but really can't be bothered as despite a bit of sunshine there are very black clouds looming.  Think I wll stay in and potter around the house and hopefully fit in a little sewing and crochet - oh and ring my parents ;)


Suzy I don't think I'm particularly brave, I guess I just have to get on with it.  I'm hoping DF will lend a hand when he's back at the weekend anyway.  Enjoy coat shopping.  I got a very loud, lightweight pink coat in the summer as I tend to get too hot in winter coats....


Goose looking forward to seeing your blanket :D  Sounds like you're having fun with it!


Dana poor Imi, hope she improves soon.  We've all had colds this week so I can definitely sympathise!  Enjoy your cuddles :)


Right I'm off.  Gotta do a bit of HW then will sit down with a cuppa and Alex :)

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Morning all from a gloomy looking Cumbria!


I'm taking my Daughter Robyn to see my oh's parents! They spoil her rotten and I always have a good chinwag with my oh's mum!

I will be taking my scarf to carry on with as well. This will be the 3rd time I've started it again haha I always seem to meet it up when I'm on a role. But I guess practice makes perfect :D

I have looked at the hats in the comp and they're all lovely! I can't wait until I'm more experienced to join in and I reckon Robyn is going to be my little model for all sorts haha!


I hope you all equally have a lovely day and that the weather doesn't interfere with anything :)


Jody x

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Hi Jody and welcome to the forum.


Su2ie 2 pics one of my WIP blanket and one of a blanket I want to make next with the white green and lilac yarn


The light is lousy so excuse pics also the one I want to make is a pic off my laptop so not the best either



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