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a few preserves

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so far there's 3 jars of pickled beetroot with the yellow lids.  The beetroot is from my garden.


2 jars of pickled onions from the garden the smaller jar are red onions, I've never pickled red one before.


10 jars of jam from fruits from the garden.


I still have plenty more jam to make,  marmalades, some Infused Olive Oils and maybe even a few jars of fruity/spicey chutneys.


Does any one else make preserves?




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I just finished my last batch of crab apple jelly, and am cooking and freezing apples, as well as I have barlotti beans drying ready to pack in jars and use for winter stews. At the moment we are picking autumn raspberries but just enough to eat fresh at the moment. and I have frozen blueberries ready to make jam later.


Your preserves look really delicious Aisles, we didn't grow beetroot this year and I wish we had. There is nothing so satisfying as looking at a lot of preserves you have made well done on your produce.

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thank you :)  I really need to plant a crabapple tree and a quinch as DH love's home made crabapple jelly and Quinch jelly.


I didn't grow as much this year due to not realizing my gardener was first ill then moving off to sommerset.  So once I knew I took over again but it was a bit late in the calendar and of course I'd not ordered all the seed I required.


I've just put my seed order into Kings seeds for £38.15 so at least my seeds will arrive on time.


I still have loads more preserves to make plus some infused Olive Oils, fruit syrups plus DH keeps asking for Ginger Beer.


I'm planning on giving some as Christmas gifts once I've got them all done.

I was checking my freezer last night to  work out how much room was left.  I did find some frozen fruit crumbles I made last year so it's time to eat those ones up and start again.  I mustn't forget to make a few apple crumbles for one of the guys in my car club and take them over to Guildford for his freezer.  He did ask me via facebook if I was planning on making any more this year and if so would any be finding their way to his freezer :lol:

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Great new post Aisles.

I love all your makes and your photo looks wonderful.

I make lots of home preserves

especially jams and chutneys.

I have been experimenting with pickles and relishes too this year.

This year I have made mulberry jam, also raspberry

Tomato chutney and caramellised onion chutney.

Pickled beetroot were very popular too as was pickled courgette and onions.

I have just finished making a sweet and sour tomato relish

and may have to start on my green tomatoes soon!

And Seville orange marmalade is a must when they come into the shops in Jan/Feb time.

I haven't tried olive oil infusions, Aisles -

what sort of Olive oil do you use for these?

Crab apple jelly brings back wonderful memories Linda.

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