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A fun thing I have just done is free form crochet, used up lots of bits of wool, the more textured the better, made a great scarf, I just crocheted a shape and then did whatever I fancied hooking into a hole, was quite hard getting the scarf shape something like, used 5 different sizes of hooks but end result is useable. Now I want to try another unusual craft, any ideas?

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Thought I had better explain it a little better.


Wild quilting. Sew together odd shaped pieces of fabric into large sqares. Use a rotary cutter to cut out 5 inch squares and join them together.  Depends on how much fabric you have what you can make. it looks difficult piecing but is so easy.

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I've done quilting sort of like that, just stitching bits together, didn't get organised enough to cut them into squares but I  used some as panels on bags, was really funny as I had some on a stall I was doing for a local charity and one lady said to me "I really like your erotic bags" we couldn't decided did she mean erratic, eclectic or maybe she was seeing something I wasn't?   :D


Guess I just like to use up all my odd bits as I have just made a bag in free form crochet and another 2 scarves, at least I will be warm this winter.  

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