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Butterfly Bag

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Hello there! :D


I'm normally lurking down in the knitty section but like sewing too.  Anyway I have just completed my first quilted bag.  Well I say quilted as I quilted the inside lining but I think I was meant to quilt the outside!  It didn't make sense though as the outside already had pockets on by the time it said to quilt and I thought I'd only end up quilting them closed :lol:


post-67243-0-38875100-1376901403_thumb.jpg  post-67243-0-24955100-1376901415_thumb.jpg


The first picture is obviously the outside, the second the badly quilted inside.  I only have a basic machine so broke 3 needles trying to make this and had to hand sew in places as my machine just couldn't cope.  I'm hoping to get a better sewing machine in the future.


Thanks for looking!

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stunning bag, if go shopping with this bag, everyone will jealous of me. By the way, if you like to post your tutorial of this bag on the site lovehobbycraft, they will pay for you, the following link is their invitation news:http://www.lovehobbycraft.com/learning-center/a-an-invitation-for-every-craft-fancier-and-customer-at-our-web-453.html

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