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Let's Knit "Cute Critters" challenge, closing date 20 September

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You did say let your imagination run away didn't you!!!

Well the Wabbit family are pleased to announce the birth of their own little prince Bunny Wabbit. Mummy Bunny Bethany decided that they should have a photo shoot of the family and had matching outfits made for them all. Daddy Bunny Bertie said he would wear a shirt and tie but simply refused to wear a jacket. One of the twins laughed at his sister for having to wear a bow in her hair but Bertina had the last laugh on Ben as mummy made him wear a bow tie.

Bertie had hoped to convert the pram into a wheelbarrow for collecting food from the allotment, his growing family needs more and more food and he simply can not carry it all in his arms but along came baby Bunny (who is yet to be named).

They would have had the traditional lettuce leaf for a shawl but had heard that the royal baby Prince George had a shawl made in Nottingham so of course commissioned a lady from Robin Hood Country to crochet them one.

The icing on the cake was that Daddy Bunny presented Mummy Bunny with a pink pearl necklace to celebrate their little Prince.

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