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Throwing it down Thursday

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I find myself between projects having just finished a blanket that I've been knitting on and off for two years. I'm waiting for a bumper delivery from Deramores! 


I have almost finished the Classic Baby Bonnet from the August magazine, but there isn't going to be enough yarn to knit the icords and I don't have anything that matched in my stash. So frustrating!  :angry:

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Knitthulu, I've been doing the same with a blanket, but the customer kept changing their mind on colours in the end I told them to pick one or I would charge them double for messing me around, they no longer want the blanket...

My balls of yarn for that hat are just full of tie-ins, so I gave up with the Bonnet and I'm using it as crochet practice wool

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Evening all :D


Wow I can't believe I won the homewares challenge!  Very chuffed, especially after being so sick :)  There's no mention of a prize though so maybe this time it was just for the fun of it.


Spent all day doing washing.  Five loads down and all tumble dried due to the horrid weather.  We have toadstools growing all over the back lawn!  Never managed to finish my circular blanket on my hols either so may do a bit of that later. 


Ana ouch on the bra :o Since having Alex I've found underwired bras too uncomfortable as it tends to stick in under my armpits!!!

Suzy I think that's a good bit of advice.  The loos were fine though funnily enough... :mellow: My dad is fine too, thanks for asking.  He hobbles a bit and still gets pain in his knee but he doesn't let him hold him back :)

Goose poor DS2 getting soaked!  Have fun with the booties :D

Hi SKM, glad your kids found something to occupy them in the heat - it gets too uncomfortable for them outside!

Knithulu how annoying with the hat.  They're pretty good at helping out though and if you ask I'm sure they'd send you some extra yarn :)


Right better go!  Have a good evening all x

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Had a good night at knitty club, very quiet as our numbers at the most are  7 but only 5 tonight.  It is so humid my eyes feel heavy so I think I might go to bed at 10, Scrabble, a bit read then sleep.


Ana that sounds really painful poor you.


Frances send a pm to Adrienne Chandler she may be able to help


Catch you all in the morning when I'll be wide eyed and bushy tailed.



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Su2ie, it's really annoying, and irritating. I have to have the support, being a 34F it's very annoying....

Ah, I can see why you'd need the scaffolding then! DD's here and I'm lucky as I found a store in town that stocks non-wired that give you fantastic lift otherwise its sports bras for me. I just can't suffer any longer being poked in the armpits :lol:


Nighty night Goose!


Off to bed myself shortly. It's been a long day :)

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