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golden hippie

Hi everyone

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Such a long while since I have been on the forum.


Been working away at the final wedding stationery for friend's daughter & also my son. All done now and time to breathe a bit.


Still lots of problems with my mother and her mental health so life has been fraught.


I now have to do a major house clean for visitors coming for our wedding. Two weeks today. Must try my outfit on again. I had a very busy month of Jun eating,lol. Was at Church conference for 4 days and meals out, then Cambiel's wedding in Scotland [ such a wonderful weekend and she looked so beautiful], so my diet has fallen by the wayside. I have not put on but just none lost. How much could I lose now in 2 weeks? Even two pounds would satisfy me.


Been great to see the good weather & I hope it stays if only to get a dry day for wedding.


Have done no other crafting either so think a little browse here to inspire me would be good.


Hope you are all well and being careful in the sun.




GH xo

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