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507 little hats and two small puzzle balls

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At long last I have finished past my target of 500 little hats for Innocent/sainsburys/Age UK.. I crocheted the last 100 or so and much quicker then knitting them. I now need to find some nice person to deliver them to Fruit Towers for me. My daughters friend lives in London but often comes home for the weekend so I think I will twist his arm to tale them for me.

The two puzzle balls are only 7cm in diameter but took just as long as the big ones to make.

Bye the way I find attaching photos soooo much more easier on the new forum.

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What a marathon project well done Suzy the little hats are gorgeous I am glad you got to crochet the last 100,  the 2 little puzzle balls are lovely and would make a great mobile for a baby.

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Thank you for your kind comments ladies, it didn't seem a marathon until the last few hats as I just kept several sets of needles and bits of yarn in my bags, car, office and around the house. Then when I had a few minutes I would knit a hat. I already have withdrawal symptoms from not making them now. Lol.

I had thought of incorporating the small balls in a mobile but they are a little bit to heavy for that, I might try some in 4ply and see how they go.

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