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issue 63 Romeo errors

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pattern instructs  cast on 18 k1 row
kin back of every stitch to form 36 stitches
 then k16 rows
then k12  k2tog four times k12      [this uses 32 stitches  to form 28]
What do we do withe the remaining 4 stitches of the 36 we start with   ?  [First error?????]
Pattern continues 1row k then
next row k12 k2tog twice k12      [this uses 28 stitches to form 26 ]
then knit 26 rows then
k2tog at each end of row to give 28 sts [if we start with26 and reduce by 2 we will have 24 not 28] [second error?]
Please someone do the math and explain as there appear to be at least two errors and Romeo is stalled!


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Thank you for your attention I am on the Pacific Canadian Coast at present and found your reply in the junk mail box after checking back here.

Your radical revision appears to resolve the problem mathematically .

Now we will see how the finished article looks!

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