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Birthday card from OH

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My husband doesn't craft at all but he painted me this birthday card. He used a book about Chinese calligraphy that I bought him for his birthday and he chose the owl as I really love owls. I was dead impressed.


Aww that's so lovely.  What do the characters mean?


Just after my partner and I first met, it was my birthday.  I saw him a few days before it and he gave me an envelope - with strict instructions not to open it till the day!  When I opened it, I found a gorgeous handmade card with some of my favourite things - a rainbow made from tissue paper (it took him ages!), a haiku, stickers with real pressed flowers in them, and an origami swan.  It's one of my favourite cards ever.  I think it was the first one he made - he went to a craft shop and bought various things to make it with.  I now have several other cards he's made me, plus some gifts from card and paper.  Homemade things are awesome!

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