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Oh Mary I'm glad I am not the only one to forget what I have started something for. I daren't even add the cross stitch pictures to the wip's or the patchwork started.


But I have finished my little crochet ted this afternoon and will post a pic tomorrow.

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 It is actually quite cool here in Coventry this morning and I have spent a pleasant hour catching up. l I have been fascinated reading about everyone's ufo's this morning.


Makes me feel better about mine. My sewing is my worst, because my machine is playing up and I know if I get it out nothing else will get done.


I have almost completed all my knitting. Just 1 ufo left from when I was last in hospital apart from the cardi for my dil which I am finishing today. I have some crochet shapes and flowers but not enough to make a blanket. If anyone can use them they are welcome. Anyway got to go and get some hw done. Today is baking day. The freezer needs filling.

Hope everyone has a good day :D

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My UFO project piece A lamb knitting caddy, that I will now put forward as a project to finish and promise to show a progressive picture in 3 days time by Wednesday 12th June.  a photo of how far I have got.  and a photo of the Knitting Caddy in the book as to how it should look when I finish.


I have to cut out carrying handle in the middle, paint with acrylics and glue together and cut out a couple of brackets.

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Wow I am impressed with how inspired everyone is!  Can't wait to see the finished sheep wool caddy :D


Lindy you have reminded me about my sewing UFO's and WIP's too :o

Mary hopefully the new craft group will inspire you to tick some off your list :)


Oh dear now I have to add:

Ellie's summer skirt - just the waistband to sew down and put elastic in.

A load of felt Christmas decs all cut out and ready to sew and embellish.


I also found a scarf started in a bag in lace weight wool but think I'd decided to send it to the frog pond...


Anyway my to finish project will be my Christmas wreath.  Just the sewing on of all the bits and pieces so I won't take a pic before as apart from a few pieces of wool hanging and pins holding stuff in place it won't look much different :)

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