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Su2ie this is a marvellous idea of yours, for penance you do say we should do 10 rows of crochet or knitting.   I do think you should be more strict, what do you think about each one of us picking a project from their list and trying to finish it and showing everyone the progress they have made on it until it is finished.   That will give encouragement if everybody is watching what they do. :D

If you put a photo on here of the stage at which  your chosen project is, we can all follow how you get on with it. If no progress made then a red mark against you if you collect 3 red marks then you are sent to Coventry until a progressive photo is shown.  


Ignore that last bit, but this it seems is the way I would like to be treated as I need pushing.  :( .

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Goose ah now it makes sense with the mice! :D


Linda now that is a good idea :P I did wonder last night if I was being a little light on people there ;) Do we have a timescale for producing progress on a UFO?  Erm what happens if you already live in Coventry? :lol:

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If you live in Coventry then you get sent to the artic. (Can't find the smileys I'm laughing) How about giving 3 days to progress to the next photo. If I have yours and everyone's approval then I don't mind starting it off. Hopefully you are approving all UFO craft projects.


This is exciting I am getting the feeling of a weight lifting off my shoulders.

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I wonder how much space there is to put my load of unfinished objects on here....(the site may crash with the weight of it all)....


Miniature painting on easel in acrylic.(Almost completed)

At least a dozen greeting cards started but not completed.

Poems written to go into the cards when inclined to print them off and set them into the appropriate cards.Personal message to friends).

Crotchet bits and pieces.

Cross stitch.

Knitting (but have an excuse for that one).

Watercolour paper stretched and ready for a masterpiece when I feel so inclined.

Patchwork...some pieces sewn together, but no where near completion.

Finger puppets started last Christmas.

Glass painting - sun catcher- outlined but not filled in with paint.

My project book of card makes -to show various styles etc.......certainly not up to date.

Bead necklaces that I ran out of beads to complete.

Quilling picture half completed.Just one huge daffodil on that. Must get motivated.....

Fimo clay formed into shapes and hardened, but forgot what I was going to use those for.....

flower wires, stems and tape with half finished dyed and stretched fine hosiery fabric to make flowers.

My sketchbook of wild flowers that I come across-in the area we live in (haven't touched that for years). Must look for more wild flowers and continue....yesterday discovered when walking along the road 14 different wild flowers in an area about 5 ft x 3ft.  Beautiful.




Am joining a new Craft group in July so as there will be a variety of crafts to admire from other people I may be inspired to catch up on a few of my own bits and pieces.OR will I be starting something new and exciting as there will be a bobbin lace maker there...a prolific quilter too.

I used to paint designs on the wooden bobbins so maybe revive something I used to do.....mind you a good magnifying glass is an essential tool for that.

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