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WIP/UFO Confessional!

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With all the talk on our daily threads about starting new projects and casting aside old ones I thought maybe we should all confess what we have outstanding :D


For me WIPs are:

Big squares blanket


See that wasn't so bad!



UFOs are:

Ripple blanket,

Car seat blanket,

Summer top (last years!)

Cardigan (2 years ago!)

Christmas wreath

Nativity set (only Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus complete)

There are probably more in bags somewhere too...



NSPs (need to start projects)

A fairy!


So come on ladies share your shame!

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Oh Suzie, do I have to confess all my wip's?

A baby jacket I found upstairs half knitted.

Attic24 bag

2 baby blankets

A small teddy

Puzzle ball

Plain crochet ball

Black shawl

4 jg nurses just need sewing up

Crochet hydrangea to make a picture with

Pink clutch bag

Finish off a crochet/fabric bag

Pirate started a couple of years ago

And need to sew up many little hats.



Obviously baby clothes

Shawl for Sally-Ann

Afghan for Lisa and Dan

More little hats

I pad cover

Kindle cover for Dans aunt


List for the near future

Seascape knitted picture

A fairy house

Golf club covers for Dans dad

Aran jumper for Sally-Ann and for her hubby

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Here goes then, but not so bad as SuzyB or maybe there is more.



Knitted chess set

2 crocheted child's cardigans

a crocheted wingspan shawl

a hexagon squared teddy, head and half a body done

A knitted teddy, head only done.

A hexagon crochet blanket

A machine knitted cable cardigan from 2 years ago when I got a new knitting machine.


Wood work

3 birth sign draw boxes

a carved wood spirit on a piece of nottingham forest oak

a fairy box

a wood turned goblet

a secret draw box made out of English yew

a stable for Su2ie


I can't go on, looking at the list it does help and makes me feel better to know I am not the only one, and funnily enough bringing these things to mind makes me want to go and find them and do something about it. Maybe it does work, confessing.

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Nativity set - 3 kings and Mary completed

chunky hat

border on a chunky blanket


To sew up


7 mice

2 baby toys


Things I want to start

Amish Puzzle ball

Amish Flower puzzle ball

Crochet turtle

Dinosaur crochet puzzle

Small George and Peppa Pig

Plus many other things


Non Knitty/crochet

Plastic canvas Santas and Reindeers

Polystyrene Baubles

Organza Angels


It does help to confess as Linda says as I'll be doing some of my nativity tonight

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Thank you all for being so upfront!  I too don't feel so bad now :D  There are loads of things I'd like to start but if I list them I know I will just start making them!


Linda you have some interesting woody projects and don't worry about the stable, I've got to make the rest of the gang yet!

Goose 7 mice?  The mind boggles!

Suzy I can only see your list growing with all the baby stuff you will want to make!


Must admit I quite surprised myself when I realised I was only doing the blanket actively, I'm normally swapping between at least 2 projects.  I have to add to the UFO's though as there are 2 part made daffodils in the back pocket of my handbag :lol:

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