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Weird Weather Wednesday

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just popping in before taking Abi to school. So far i have put a load of washing on and changed the beds so once back from the school run i will get some knitty time while Imogen sleeps.

Wish the weather would make its mind up, it is warm but we have some very unfriendly looking clouds over head, feels like we need a thunder storm to clear the air.


Better shake a tail feather and get Abi moving

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Morning :)


Weird weather here too as the sun is actually shining! ;)


Dana great to see you here.  How old is Imogen now?  I bet the time is just flying :D


Well it went well yesterday with the weigh in for Alex - sort of (had to coax her onto the scales with a cheese stick!)  She's stayed on the 9th percentile and not gone up but I think they've finally come to the conclusion she's just petite so she just gets a normal weight check at 3 years now :) I also put down some shake and vac where the ants are near the fireplace to try to scupper them.  Will see if I can pick up some ant traps later as they did help last year.


Anyway I'm just having a coffee then will have a quick tidy up before we go to the shops.  After yesterdays mad rush tidy the place doesn't look any different today! Kids and men eh?


Have a good day folks x

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Morning all. Funny weather here too. Dull grey and a little bit of a breeze.  I have a little ornament which is like a flower but the flower bit is a ladybird. It is solar powered and when charged up waves its arms well leaves and the stem with the ladybird on moves from side to side. Although there's no sun it's waving like mad - just goes to show the sun is about even if it is hiding.


Going to take a chance and pop to the shops - rain and maybe thunder due this evening  :(


Dana your weather is like mine maybe we will both get thunder later. Hope you get all the washing sorted before the rain comes


Su2ie didn't know you can still get that carpet stuff.


Enjoy your day ladies. Take care

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Hello all,  I have had a busy couple of days, had my eyes tested and all is well after my retiner tear and lazer surgery last year.  Don't have to go back for 2 years now.  Had a girlie day out with my sister retail therapy.  and now just got back from food shopping.  The arch came Monday and John put it together and up over the path leading to the poly tunnel. The Kiwi fruit is back on it, and the other side we bought a clematis Vivienne Pernell a twice a year flowering blue.  We have put barlottie beans in the poly tunnel you know the ones that are in Heinz beans but of course with out the sauce. :P .  The sun was shinning from 6.30am but now has clouded over a bit of rain coming. 


Good to read that you are all getting on ok,  I knitted a tortoise from a square block would you believe it, it is the way you sew it up and stuff it .  But I have run out of stuffing will post it after I receive the toy stuffing I have ordered. Off to make a cuppa talk later.

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Hello. Not been about much as we had a sudden bereavement last week. We're all a bit knocked for six by it.  Haven't done much knitting or anything - just haven't felt like it.  But today a week has gone by and the world is still there so I'm thinking a click on the needles might be in the offing this afternoon. Stakreem, I like the idea of retail therapy - hope you had fun - wonder if I can persuade OH it's a good idea too? ;)


Weird, cold and grey weather here too.  Can't believe people are trying to compare it to a normal summer - since when has May ever been summer?! :wacko:  I just hope it doesn't get too hot too quick so I can acclimatise.  T'ra for now.

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Weird weather here too.....i did manage my first walk outside since I injured my back (herniated disc) though just down to the Church and back, but with these up and down sloping paths was more like a tortoise than a hare. however, shall have another little walk tomorrow.....hubby won't come with me, he says I walk too slow for him..... he is in a bit of a depressed state at the moment and tells me I will  be in a care home in 2 years...as he wouldn't be able to cope-rubbish...Just because he has had to do the vaccuuming, washing up, make the beds, dust and ALL the shopping..(he threw coloured washing in with the whites) with disastrous results.......he told me he didn't understand the shopping list...had no idea what mangetout peas are and turkey escalopes and fat free fromage frais.....Enough to make me realize how spoiled he is, so I told him he was lucky I could still cook, and my "glitch" will improve.However, I told him I can manage the 'bus if he can manage to lift the folded wheelchair and I will go WITH HIM...He couldn't object to that as the bus station is right opposite the supermarket and flat area....so     ....let's get rolling..........My daughter reminded me  I had recently said I need a challenge, seems it is right here under my nose.


...be careful what you wish for folks.....

Some come true, so spare the jokes.

Practical advice is best

For that has obviously stood the test.


However, things are sent to try us

So must get on without the fuss

Each day when you awake just say

Today will be a real great day.


You have a choice  just for that day

Open up your eyes and say

Todays choice......Happy or sad

The choice is yours to make you glad.


Must off now to make some tea

Happy days to all from me....... :) :lol: :D :wub:

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