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big shot-do i really really need one ?

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Im toying with the idea of buying a big shot-I don't want to spend £100 on one, so a well known internet auction site will have to be the place I purchase it from. Im wanting to spend £50ish on one-but do I really really need one ??
I don't want to spend money and find I don't use it enough as I don't craft everyday.
Also I struggle with the idea that I feel like im copying a family member, as they have one-copying is not something im comfy with at all !!
what to do ??


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I wouldn't want to be without my Big Shot...found it so useful, but I only paid £49.95 for mine....so try shopping around...I bought mine some time ago at Hobby Craft (well a few months ago)..(when it was new to the area.It may have been on special offer, but I have used it for cutting felt and fabrics as well as paper........good if you have the dies for shapes for quilting in addition as you can also use those dies for paper cutting of course and several layers at once so don't give up Casamama....phone around some craft shops and you may find a bargain.Of course you can get the embossing "thingys" too, so very handy to put a texture on paper.......good hunting.....Mary

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thank you to both of you, I think I've made up my mind to just go for it, I've watched a few YouTube clips and the whole thing seems pretty simple, I am searching online-and the going rate for the new machine seems to be £89.99 which is the machine and a few extras, which would give me enough practice to feel confident.

Its my 32nd birthday on Thursday so if I get any money its going on the machine instead of the hairdresses (I think............)

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