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Evening ladies. It was so cold this afternoon I had to ask DH to sort the heating out. It was set for hot water only so he had to change it so the heating came on. It chucked it down from 3 o clock this morning until around 4 ish this afternoon. Nice blue skies now.


Just watched Corries and can't wait for The Apprentice at 9.


Suzy thanks for your comments on my hedgehogs.


Off for a quick look round, then make a cuppa and DS2 a sarnie- he's just come in from football.


Enjoy your evening everyone

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Good evening ladies

I know im a bit of a flake at the moment but between Abi and Imogen i hardly have time to drink a cup of tea, in fact i cant remember the last hot drink i got to drink you know hot. Not much is going on really, we have started planning Imogens christening so i need to get cracking on her gown but at the moment i have just 10 days to knit and block a shawl to wear to a wedding at the end of the month. Imogen is currently on her playmat chewing her fist and batting her toys so i am getting a rare 10 minutes to myself.


Goose hope the tap gets sorted


Gotta go Imogen is hungry, i will be around more often now hopefully.

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Hi everyone made it at last, been busy food shopping and then finishing my summer challenge, which I posted on the challenge thread.


Now I can take it easy for a bit and finsh the urn for Saturday, and perhaps after that get back to FFing some UFO's in between I shall be playing scrabble on my kindle fire.


Well I hope everyone has a good evening and tomorrow brings a bit of sunshine, cold and still chucking it down here my heating has also gone back on. Good night.

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