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Mary I like your photo :) you look lovely

Surprising what a box of make up will do and getting dressed up.....hubby says I should put a photo on here when I just wake up in the morning..not a pretty sight....huh......I have a photo of him on Christmas Day when he fell asleep in a chair with his mouth wide open...he was not amused.......I am not going to post that on here....would be grounds for divorce, OR the site would crash with the shock.....ho hum.........now better get on with my sewing project as his nibs is going out......can concentrate.......

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Not bad at all thanks Louise, just busy busy busy!  She decided that 5am would be a fantastic time to start singing very loudly in her cot this morning!

Sounds just like my daughter when she was very little....she still has a loud voice......and is now 45....I have a poem that I wrote about that time which you may identify with.......



My Teddy Bear woke up, he's thirsty mum.

You look at the clock, it's a quarter to one.

He's lonely mummy, come cuddle him too.

Climb into my bed and cuddle me too.


Oh, Mummy my Teddy just can't go to sleep.

It's a quarter to two, you are ready to weep.

Al last quietly sleeping, you creep out, it's late.

Next thing you know it's quarter to eight.



That's one of many children's poems I have written...  Mary

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