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Hi all


I really have had no time to check out the new forum since the first day so it is good to see it up and running ok and teething problems being sorted. I will have to take time to get to know it soon.


I finished off one set of wedding invites and am now stuck into son's. What a palaver of a time sourcing materials. After doing several samples , the bride & groom decided they wanted their initials stamped and embossed on the front on card and white pearl beads strips on either side of the text banner ' wedding invitation'. See when I went to order the beads again, I could not see any site with enough packs for me. One site actually told me they were discontinued but another one said they should be able to get them & lo & behold I got a message yesterday to say they were in. I ordered immediately and she messaged me at tea time yesterday to say they were in the post. Happy days and great service. Most pearl beads are more an ivory colour and come individually which would have been a torture putting so many on.

Then the bride wants a vellum insert so was able to get a printable vellum but when I tried a sample it came out with purple writing. I mailed a wedding craft site who told me to make sure I was using the manufacturer ink and not compatible ink[which is what hubby buys]. In the meantime I was playing around with print properties and ticked grayscale and it printed out black. More happy days.

I have all card cut and in process of stamping & embossing. I was able to order a small clear stamp with the initials in a nice curly font and so far so good. Using my narrow rock a block to stamp on a 4 and half cm sq card and then emboss with silver powder.

Boring after a while.

I have 100 day invites to make & 50 evening ones and they want them for this day fortnight . Phew.


Have a craft class starting 14th May for 4 weeks so going to try a bit of Decopatch there but need to make my own samples first.

Wonder how I had time to work.lol


Hope you are all well and catch up soon when I come up for air.



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Hi, lovely to see you again. You sound like you have been rushed off your feet!I understand that doing that many might become a little tedious from doing my own, and I set up a production line with my family so I didn't have to do it all. You must be haunted by thoughts of invites every second of the day!

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My goodness.    I feel exhausted just reading about the wedding preparation invites etc.....a few years ago I helped my stepson and his then future wife with their  and just a small amount of work by comparison.......everything must be double speed and complete concentration...but am sure it will all be worthwhile.........pace yourself.....Mary

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Lovely to see you back, Laverne. Goodness, that really will keep you busy! 150 invites in two weeks! Like Robyn said, I would probably set up a production line at home. I am sure they'll all look fantastic though but you've got a very busy fortnight ahead.

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Hi everyone says she coming up for air again. lol.


I wish I had help , ladies. No family near me and my friends just do not do crafts. They would baulk at being handed some double sided tape and told to stick something on straight on a card. Not that I always have a straight eye in my head. Have seen a few tilted items in my past.


Has taken me longer than I thought to layer all but at least all I have to do on the day invites now is to print the vellum insert and cut it to size and stick it in.


Hubby is helping me design the evening one on the computer but pinning him down is my problem. Hope to get at them this weekend.


Will post a pic when all is finished.


Cannot wait to get back to normal crafts and my class I am running starts Tuesday night.


GH xo

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