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Help wanted with fancy dress party!

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i am doing fancy dress this weekend as well...

my dad is doing a theme night...we are off on a cruise around the worls and there are going to be different ports off call with different activitys to do...shud be good will post sunday and let you know....


as for the fancy dress.....errrrr....you could dress up as one ov the beatles...john lennon shudnt need explaing if you wear the round glasses and a suit....or there is the lady who was on stage with no shoes on.....ELVIS (dont think anyone will do this lol)

i wud just pick a singer with a signiture look for example if you wore cones on your top most people wud guess you were madonna...


hope this helps.....now how do i dress for a cruise!!!!!

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Thank you Jules :-S


Fishnet thank you! ok i got to pick a singer or a type of music, i thought i could go as hip hop music but my boy friend wont let me, as i am always in combats as it is :lol:


I thought of grease or madonna so far,


how else stood out?

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