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Another PROBLEM with Issue 65 Suzy Bunny

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I've been crocheting Suzy bunny, noted down the pattern correction for the feet which was in the latest LK but wondered if there was a problem with the ears? I've stopped at round 30 as the ears are turning out very long. I've attempted to count the rows on the picture of the bunny and think there are only perhaps 24-26 rows maximum so wondered if there was a pattern problem?


Stakreem has also experienced the same problem so just wondered thanks :)

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Sorry about this, the pattern was checked but it looks like more than a few gremlins have crept in. Our checker must've been having a bad day.

I've counted the rows on the pattern and have worked out the correction:


From Rnd 8 the pattern should actually be:


Rnds 8-20: rep last rnd 13 times. Ten sts

Rnds 21-23: 1dc in each st to end

Fasten off


You should be decreasing on every row, as opposed to every other row as instructed.


Really sorry about this everyone.



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Thanks for getting back to me Adrienne :) I've finished my bunny now (stopped at row 30) and she doesn't look too bad with extra big ears :lol: I will note down the correction though as I will probably do the pattern again at some point.


Sorry for capitals in "problem" too but I don't think my original title was attention grabbing enough :red: :lol:

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