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What happened to the Monday thread?

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Oh dear Su2ie. what a shame for all of us can't remember what has been said by everyone.


This evening we have had a chinese for my sisters birthday and a lovely birthday cake. Everyone had a good night.


Just watching Corrie now - big fire tonight.


Enjoy your evening ladies

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Both K&F and I thought we were going mad :bug: What a pity it was reset. Was it due to all the spam? Naughty spammers....


Goose yummy on the Chinese and happy birthday to your sis :-)


I've now got a head and body for my cat so I suppose I'd better make a start on the rest of him. DF said he will take him out for photo opportunities when I've made him :cheese:


Right I'm off to get my hook back out - oh and make a cuppa :)

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Evening! :cheese: Hooray I'm not mad! :lol:

Su2ie, well done starting a new Monday - who knows, maybe everyone's Monday was so awful it had to be disposed of and replaced! :P

Goose, happy birthday to your sis. Yum, chinese, cor can't remember the last time I had one of those! :-P

Pink, hope all the plans are coming along nicely for your big day. :-)


Well I'm having a bit of a sew. :-) After running out of every last inch of red thread in the house, I staggered to the sewing shop on the way home, having forgotten my stick, and only just managed the stairs now, so getting the top finished and will hopefully wear to work tomorrow. :) I've done the waistband, which is what I'd had pinned up when I had to stop. Now I've pinned up each sleeve cuff, so just got to attach them, press and I'm done. I may be some time ..... ;-P

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