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Batch of cards

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Decided the other day to make a batch of cards by first putting insert paper in the middle of a dozen cards, then decided to put the die cut patterns on the whole batch etc. and so on, then finally all the peel off stickers.....I feel though that working in this way loses the impact of "a special card" and something is lost in the process.....I don't think I shall work in this way again....probably would have been ok when I was selling them, but now just wanted to make a few to put in my "instant"box in case I need one at the last minute etc...however, I have taken a photo which hopefully will come out on here to show you I have been going a bit mad with my die cutting machine in the process....

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Oh, the pink birdcage paper came from the insert papers from CB magazine...I have a whole boxful of those sort of papers now from CB mag...I used to photocopy them, but cannot keep up with using them...Lovely to have though.

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