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Hi blankie and welcome to the forum!


I'm Carolyn, I'm from Bedfordshire, I am married and have four crazy cats. I love beading, various types of embroidery and papercrafts.


There's plenty going on here for you to join in with, lots of swaps and challenges, and no shortage of inspiration from our talented members. You'll find people are friendly and helpful so don't be shy about asking anything you want to know! :lol:

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I used to LOVE making clothes for my daughter's dolls.

Then she went in for Little Ponies.

That was trickier!


Love to see pics of your makes, blankie-

and well done you on the Charity knitting!

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Morning Denise and welcome to the forum.

You have asked for charities in your area but haven't put where your area is!


Many hospices ask for knee blankets, some neo natal units ask for tiny baby hats etc, your AgeUK shop and homeless shelters are crying out for blankets, hats and gloves or mittens. Oxfam ask for simple children's jumpers and they usually have a free pattern for you. If you want to start on something small Innocent/Sainsburys/AgeUK have a campaign which entails knitting little hats which go on innocents bottles in Sainsburys and they give so much per hat to AgeUK. Details of that are on the innocent drinks website.

I hope this gives you a few ideas, take care and happy knitting.

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