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sad time

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Hello ladies. Managed to borrow my niece's computer. Sadly my sister-in-law

did not survive her heart attack. she passed away Sunday. My brother is shattered.

We are going to spend two weeks here with him, and also catch up with some

cousins who live here too. It is sooo cold here. I had forgotten how cold British

winters can be. Our original plan when we leave Blackpool was to hire a car and

drive up to Scotland to visit a friend who lives somewhere in the wilds. A place

called Castle Douglas. The weather changed our minds. Instead we will catch a

train to Manchester where we have relatives and friends. After that we will fly to

London and visit with more relatives and friends. We haven't yet decided how

long we will stay. Depends on the weather.

Nancy, so sorry to hear about your brother. You must be shattered. I am glad

that you will be able to spend time with him. My thoughts and prayers will be

with you and your family.


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