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Gallery only - post photos of your charity blanket squares here

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Can I claim artistic licence, as when I was practising this crocodile crochet stitch I made an 8inch by 4inch square. seeing as I shall be sewing squares together I wondered if you all would accept this one off to go in the blanket all other squares I do will be 4inch by 4inch. I don't want to undo it but if not acceptable then I will try an make a 4inch by 4inch. please let me know on main thread.

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A few more squares for our charity blanket.

One ( the white one) is a quick and easy square for beginners

start at the corner with 2 stitches, increasing 1 st at start of each row,

until each side measures 4 inches,

then decrease one st at start of each row until there are 3 stitches left.

Knit 3 together - job done!


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